Yamba - Yayy!

Lots of winners!

Yamba - Yayy!

June 12, 2014 at 5:55 PM

Your 7 representatives did very well at the 2-day Yamba Carnival over the Long Weekend. PBs left, right and centre! We are now less than 300 points behind Warringah instead of over 600 points behind them. So we had better make sure we have a HUGE turnout at the Warringah Carnival.

Individually Yvette, Cassie and Jamie won their age groups with full 70 points. Steve won the raffle and came 3rd in his age group, as did Khyiah and Sue. Overall we came second to our Host Club. There was a Trophy for the Visiting Team Average Point Score which went to Cessnock. Both our relays were winners (due to Cassie's very young age!)!

We also won the Prize at the Presentation Dinner for the best "skit". Clubs were asked to do a dance, song, skit, whatever on the theme Be Happy. We were very good (if reluctant in some cases). I append the script which was read out by Sue (beautifully) and Jamie and mimed by the others together with all sorts of props and each of us held a particular letter (read the script and guess whose letter was which). It all goes to show that, as Steve pointed out, Ryde is a very Alliterate Club!!! Khyiah has a video of it which we may show at the Christmas Party if anyone is interested.

On the Most Active Swimmer Profiles we have Yvette, Khyiah, Cassie, Jamie and Susan. (Click here for details)