Thredbo Training Camp

October long weekend of hard work and bonding!!!

Thredbo Training Camp

October 08, 2016 at 5:17 PM

Everyone enjoyed our Thredbo swim camp. We were greeted by a little snow, the first training session and the first yummy dinner for those staying at Boali. After that it was hard and easy training sessions. Hard sessions that exhausted all possible twitch muscle groups and made us sprint. Easy sessions focussed on stroke correction. Plus core strength exercise sessions…plenty of sore tummies at the end. Between sessions it was either max relax, unsuccessful wombat spotting or skiing…your choice. On the last night, it was either to the pub or cards in the Boali lounge room. And we did lots of car-pooling. So we went hard, hung out with friends and chilled…is there a better way to spend a long weekend? We’ve already booked for next year…only 358 sleeps to go.

See the club Facebook page for glimpses of the weekend. Susan Leech