2013 - State SC Championships - Canberra

Individual successes and a Birthday President!

2013 - State SC Championships - Canberra

October 22, 2013 at 9:00 PM

Our 5 women and 1 man who got to Canberra despite the fires came back with lots of medals and PBs. It was a lovely 2-day meet with many fire-stories and lots of concern for those swimmers from the Mountains.

We came 8th out of the 30 clubs represented. It was won by Tuggeranong - obviously their attendance at our Thredbo training camp paid off! - with Warringah 2nd and Manly 3rd. It was good to see Tuggeranong friends again.

Individually: Yvette was 3rd in her age-group with 1 Gold and 4 Silver medals, Khyiah 8th in hers with 1G and 1S, Susan 10th with 1G (only swam for 1 day), Helen 10th in her age group and worked hard officiating and swam in our relay. And our Birthday Boy Chris Lock (turned 71 on the Sunday) came 3rd in his age group with 2G, 2S and 1B - what better way to spend a birthday?! Our women's 200+ relay came a graceful 3rd.

Hang about!!

Jamie in her own quiet way won her division with a maximum of 5  Gold Medals....Well done Jamie