Seaside Pirates Carnival BPS

Hanging in second!

Seaside Pirates Carnival BPS

August 08, 2014 at 6:10 PM

Today 14 Ryde swimmers did well at Seaside Pirates Carnival at Knox Grammar School coming 3rd overall. Pirates won and we came a close third to Warrangah. We are still 2nd in the BPS tally and at present ahead of Novos. Our relays did well: two firsts and a second (our women's team came second and not a glorious last since one of the other teams was DQd - better slow than DQ'd!!). Jenny got yet another National Record and won her age group.

First places in age groups to Jenny, Sarah, Julia and Michael, second to Jamie and thirds to Cassie and Andrew. Khyiah and Yvette fourth. The results of Pirates are up on the website ( We also have 5 of us on the Top 25 Most Active Swimmers column.

Well done all and thanks for swimming.