2013 Relay Meet

4th by 2 points. Well done all!

2013 Relay Meet

July 24, 2013 at 3:55 PM

Final results were: Equal First Warringah and Seaside Pirates, 3rd North Sydney with 554 points and 4 Ryde with 552 points. What a close finish! Considering that North Sydney lost 3 relays due to the collapse of one of their swimmers I guess they deserve to finish ahead of us. You will be pleased to know that the NS swimmer who collapsed was taken by ambulance to Concord Hospital where he had successful heart surgery in which a stent was inserted.

But above all an enjoyable time was had by everyone and we had time to socialize as well as stay fit and have fun.
Thank you everyone for your participation. And don't forget to enter our own Ryde Carnival!        JAMIE


What a great team of 34 hardy Ryde souls it was that took part in the Relay Carnival last Sunday. Everyone was in cheerful and supportive mood, willing to do those strokes they aren't always keen on but not sure they could argue with me about it. There were more than a couple of people who had left their sick beds to attend, thanks to those peopl and hopefully it hasn't made you any worse.


We had some truly amazing results with our 37 teams. As Jamie pointed out we come 4th, just, but here are a few stats. We WON 30% of all our relays and not only that but we won in every age group, 120+, 160+, 200+ and 240+. In fact 54% of all our relays finished in the top 3 with all relays picking up good points. We had (as far as I can see) NO disqualifications, well done. A big shout out to the 240+ ladies who slaughtered the opposition in both 4 x 50 relays.


 As always we had a mix of newcomers and old hands. At least 2 people told me this was their first carnival since school so I hope you enjoyed the experience and the company. For all of us I think it is always a great opportunity to swim and chat with those people you don't often get to see on club nights. And we are a social lot!!


Apologies for my last minute decision to turn the final mixed relays from 4 x 25 to 4 x 50. Mentioning no names of course, but I received a bit of stick for that. (Thanks Andre :) At least I didn't make the mistake of making them 4 x 100 or I don't think I would have survived the day.


Congratulations to both Whiteleys who managed to obtain a couple of records and of course well done to Jamie for her officiating.


 I think many of us needed a little break after Nationals but I hope this event has inspired you all to get training and be ready for our own carnival in August and others beyond.


 Many of you thanked me for putting the teams together. Its an interesting task and when it works out with results like this its worth the effort. Thank you all for turning up, swimming well and perhaps most of all enjoying yourselves.


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2013 NSW Relay Carnival