2013 Raymond Terrace Carnival - BPS Champions!

We won! We are the 2013 Champions for BPS

2013 Raymond Terrace Carnival - BPS Champions!

December 02, 2013 at 12:01 PM

RaymondTeam2013-Small.jpgThanks to everyone who has swum in a BPS Carnival this year we have won the Pointscore Trophy for the first time since it was started plenty of years ago.

In age groups places were: 1 for Cassie, Kathy, Michael, Nathan, Ailsa, Chris Lock, Sarah, Maureen, Daniel, Chris Smith, Catherine, Jamie and Jenny; 2 for Wendje, Martin and Helen; 3 for Andrew McC, Anne, Chris Stock and Bart; 4 for John B; 5 for Greg, Jack, John M, Julia, Yolanda and Danny (welcome to the club and to swimming with us at Carnivals); 6 for Alan, Yvette, Sue and Val, 7 for Khyiah and Ken, 8 for Andrew B; 9 for Lesa and Shirley. (Don't forget that a large-numbered position reflects the number of swimmers in an age-group. Well-done everyone and each point counts!)

Our 6 relay teams scored six firsts, two seconds and one third. The final heat of the 100m Freestyle (the fastest) had 6 Ryde swimmers and 1 other. We not only had excellent swimmers but also a lot of basic, give it a go, swimmers who took part with enjoyment.
Final BPS score is Ryde 8372, Novos 7413, Warringah 6998 - assuming my addition is correct and there are no challenges (thanks Warringah!). All in all there was a lot of very friendly rivalry and many new friends made amongst us Carnival junkies. All spiced, of course, by competition and the delights of winning.

Thanks to Greg who coached and exhorted us and organised relays. And thanks to all swimmers.