2013 Novos Carnival

Still top of the BPS Table and won Visitors' Trophy

2013 Novos Carnival

November 24, 2013 at 9:25 PM

Despite rain on the way out of Sydney the weather was fine for the Carnival which was a very cheerful and well-run day and successful for us.

We are still top of the BPS Table!! Well done our swimmers.

Novos won (as expected) with 1238 points.  We came second, winning the Visitors' Trophy with 947. However the Trophy will be presented at Raymond Terrace Carnival in a fortnight's time.

So on the BPS table we are first with 7305, next Novos with 6944 then Warringah with 6843. We haven't finally won until we have all swum at Raymond Terrace (no DQs!!). Keep an eye on the meet programs which should be up before the end of the week so we can see how many entries the other clubs have.

Our Relay teams did extremely well, First for Women's and Men's 160+  then first and second for our Mixed 160+ and third for our Mixed 240+. Some excellent swimming from everyone. Thanks for organizing the teams Greg.

Individually in age groups: 1st for Sarah, Julia, Jenny and Jamie, 2nd for Cassie, Susan, Grant, Nathan and Chris Lock, 3rd for Steve and Jack. More details on MSNSW website.

It has been a terrific team effort and most enjoyable for us all.