Nationals in Melbourne

A good time had by all!

Nationals in Melbourne

May 08, 2016 at 6:43 PM

For those interested in our tally of medals (I hope I counted right). We got 7 Gold (mostly Vicky's), 10 Silver, and 7 Bronze between us making a total of 24 altogether. Not bad for 16 swimmers!

A terrific time was had by all 16 of us who swam at the Nationals in Melbourne recently. Many highlights but I think Vicky's 50m gold was a major one of which there is a video on our facebook page. Another was meeting Catherine's baby of nearly 4 months (which didn't stop Catherine from getting a couple of medals either). The four men who swam with us need a mention (Alan, Steve, Andrew McC and Greg) as they provided so much support, did many PBs and added to our morale and good cheer. Our supporters (partners, friends and families) were much appreciated too - lovely to have you all with us. Details of the meet are on the website and there are plenty of photos going up. Many thanks to Susan for organizing the accommodation, to Vicky for the relays and to everyone for swimming. Jamie

Our swimmers did well at Nationals.

As per Jamie’s short report, we won 24 medals. Medal winners were Vicky (at least 5 gold), Jamie (at least 1 gold and a silver), Catherine (at least 1 gold and 1 silver), Barbara (2 bronze), Helen (at least 1 bronze) and Susan (1 bronze).

Alan, Sandie, Chris and Amanda U also managed terrific top ten finishes. I know Alan, Sandie and Chris put solid effort into training beforehand and it paid off. Also, Personal Bests were swum by Barbara, Amanda U and Amanda Lansbury (first time under 4 mins in 200m f/s). Yvette swam well in her 50m and 100m races and Sue put in a solid 4 races.

Greg, Andrew and Steve swam good times in their races, but faced tough competition, eg the first 16 swimmers in the men’s 50-54 year freestyle were under 30 seconds. The first 8 swimmers were under 30 seconds in the 55-59 year freestyle. Andrew swam 8 races in 3 days which was a bit slack because he was allowed to do 9 J

Most of our women’s relays finished a very respectable 5th or 6th place and I’m pretty sure we never came last. Our mixed relays did okay too, except for an early morning one that had been postponed from the day before …see Facebook for the story.


The club Facebook page also has some great pictures, so look it up if you can. We also went out every night and fitted in sightseeing on some days. It was a nice holiday and hope lots of you come to next year’s National’s at the Gold Coast on 8 – 11 March 2017.

Susan Leech