2013 Nelsons Bay Swim Camp

RAMS, Wett Ones and Dolphins Train Insane at Nelsons Bay

2013 Nelsons Bay Swim Camp

June 16, 2013 at 9:26 PM

Nine RAMS ventured to Nelsons Bay for the annual RAMS Queen's Birthday long weekend swim camp, which was summed up by three S's.  Swimming, Socialising and Sleeping.  Over six training sessions Helen Rubin clocked up 18.5km in the pool with many others exceeding 15km over the weekend.




The weekend training started on Friday afternoon with four early birds completing a 90 minute session coordinated by Yvette Cotton.  The rest of the group braved the after work F3 car park and staggered into our Beaches Apartments accommodation until the late hours of Friday night.

Then the whole group gathered at 9am on Saturday for the first 2 hour swim.  The mood is always jovial at this point in the camp, but it quickly changed when Daniel went through his mornings 'everything but the kitchen sink' program.  It generally included short 100m sets, often changing strokes every 50m and switching between drills and flipper work.

After a generous four hour break to re-fuel and nanna nap the third session was an endurance set using the Masters Endurance 1000 distance based swims.  To their credit all nine RAMS backed up after the long morning session to swim a series of 400m, 800m and 1,500m swims covering free, breast and back strokes.  The stand out performance of the afternoon went to one of our senior members, Chris Lock, who swum 1,500m backstroke in an impressive 30 min 57 sec.  Yvette also used these swims as an opportunity to enter the Bunbury postal swim.

All that swimming worked up quite an appetite, so Saturday evening was spent enjoying a seafood buffet and entertainment onboard a Moonshadow Cruises boat ride around the bay.  The RAMS team tore up the dancefloor (some more keen than others) and did a flawless group karaoke performance of Crocodile Rock.  The invoice for the broken glass will be forwarded to our treasurer.

The Sunday morning two hour session was written by Yolanda and focused on 200m sets of all strokes.  Slightly less laughter this morning and maybe some slightly sore heads.  We were joined by three members of the Nelson Bay Dolphins masters club and two ex-RAMs turned Wett Ones, Wendje and Bart.

Another endurance session on Sunday afternoon, this time using the Endurance 1000 timed swims.  Seven swimmers gained us some endurance points by swimming for 30 mins, 45 mins or 60 mins across free, back or breast strokes.  You can see the full Endurance 1000 results at the bottom of this page.

A more casual dining affair for Sunday night.  An over-catered BBQ dinner at the apartments with two of our new Nelson Bay swimming friends.  Thanks to everyone who (was) volunteered to do the cooking and food prep.  An agressive game of Pictionary was threatened, but never eventuated in favour of an early night to bed.

The sixth and final swim session was held on Monday morning using a program written by Chris Stock.  By this time there was no laughter at all.  Everyone was comparing which parts of their bodies hurt the most.  Two of our senior swimmers went missing for this session, so it was left to the remaining seven to round out the weekend.

Six very proud swimmers then had lunch and a debrief at the Nelson Bay lighthouse cafe before heading back home to Sydney.  Won't mention that the author of this article missed a turn off and went home the long way.

This year's swim camp nutbags were Chris Lock, Helen Rubin, Lesa Colburn, Yolanda Stock, Daniel Pringle, Chris Stock, Yvette Cotton, Susan Leech and Emily Hamilton.  Thanks to everyone for your co-operation while planning this weekend and of course your enthusiasm over the weekend.


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