2013 Hall of Fame

Jenny Whiteley is inducted

2013 Hall of Fame

September 03, 2013 at 4:42 PM

Still making a Splash


(Hills Shire Times Tuesday August 27th 2013)

Jenny Whiteley may be the greatest swimmer in the world to have never won a gold medal at the Olympics.


You won’t see her competing in Rio de Janeiro but you’ve got a good chance of spotting her doing laps in the Oakhill College swimming pool.

The West Pennant Hills resident was this month inducted into the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame for a stellar career spanning three decades.

In the pool, Whiteley, 54, has broken 46 world records and is ranked as one of the top10 swimmers for her age in the world.

The super fish, who joined Ryde AUSSI Masters Swimming Club in her late 20’s, said a fear of competing drove her away from the sport when she was young.

“In key races I would bomb out pretty badly.” Whiteley said. “I was selected in the under–14 stare team and even though I was dedicated, unfortunately my nerves would get the better of me. “Back in those days Athletes didn’t have the same support networks that are available now so sometimes I wonder how far I could have gone.”

Whiteley left swimming for more than a decade in her prime but eventually returned for “fun and fitness” in 1986.

She now trains 5 times a week and hopes to break the 200 medley short course this Year.

“To be accepted in the Hall of Fame is a huge honour and eventually I’d like to get into coaching so I can help other swimmers improve.”

FAST FACTS        

NAME : Jenny Whiteley

AGE: 54

HOME SUBURB: West Pennant Hills

CLUB: Ryde AUSSI Masters Swimming Club http://www.rydeaussimasters.org.au/

WORLD RECORD: 46 (Seven of which are yet to be ratified)