2013 State LC Championships/BPS Blacktown

Jenny Whitely Female Swimmer of the Meet. Wendy Seale Coach of the Year

2013 State LC Championships/BPS Blacktown

March 27, 2013 at 6:12 PM

What a successful day for Ryde both as a club and for individual swimmers!

1. Jenny Whitely was awarded Female Swimmer of the Meet and came within less than a second of two World Records - maybe at Nationals Jenny.

2. Wendy Seale was awarded Coach of the Year.

3. Ryde came 4th overall at the meet. Seaside Pirates won the Meet points having made an all out effort. Sadly, despite its being marked BPS on the calendar, I understand that this carnival was NOT after all BPS. So we are still running Third in the overall score. Let's look at it as a moral victory and an example of what we can do if we put our bodies to it! Next major target Carnival is Manly but keep attending as many Carnivals as you enjoy.

4. Individually our newest swimmers got gold and silver medals at their first Sate carnival ever: well done Luke, Khyiah and Valissa.

5. Our relays (brilliantly arranged by Vicky - many thanks) did excitingly well in close swims.

6. And there were lots a PBs and opportunities to meet and socialize.And to meet some of our swimmers' children who were delightfully occupied and supportive of their parents. Thank you everyone for making this such a good day.

7. Finally winners of the 2012 individual Age Group awards were presented with their (very useful) Towel prizes and these went to Helen, Jamie, Yvette and Natalie. Very conveniently the towels were a lovely bright Pink for the women this year!!

Check out the photos here!