2012 Thredbo


2012 Thredbo

September 28, 2012 at 2:29 PM

What a terrific weekend. Not so much a boot camp as a flipper camp!

Lots of weather and with our own personal meteorologist to explain and predict for us (thanks Andrew). Bucketing rain as we arrived on Friday, silently settling snow on Saturday, ice on Sunday, blazing sun on Monday (after scraping the ice off our windscreens).

Some of us swam all 6 two-hour sessions. Thanks so much Greg for organizing them; and thanks Wendy for being a supportive side-kick. Some of us skied as well as swam - very good snow. We all ate enormous amounts of wonderful food - Boali Lodge has an excellent chef.

We made new friends with Bushrangers and Tuggeranong Vikings and pledge to come again next year. Good to meet fellow swimmers' partners and children.

Susan, thanks so much for all your organization and time spent.