2012 RAMS Circle Cockatoo

Nine RAMS compete in Dawny Open Water Swim at Balmain

2012 RAMS Circle Cockatoo

November 25, 2012 at 3:58 PM

In perfect swimming conditions on Sunday 18th November nine RAMS and some friends got out of bed early and made their way to Balmain for the Dawny Cockatoo Island open water swim.

They shared the water with about 450 other swimmers, a million jelly fish and not a shark to be seen (thanks to the murky water).

There were two swim options available.  Some chose the ~2.5km scenic route circling Cockatoo island and put on a show for the small group of tourists camping on the island.  A few chose the shorter ~1km course out and back to the island.

Open water swims now run most weekends in Sydney and continue well into the Autumn.  You'll normally a find a few RAMS lurking at each of them.   



2.5 km Swim (307 entries)

16th    Catherine Todd       33:55

112th   Yolanda Stock        41:35

158th   Chris Smith           44:40

188th   Sally Bradey          47:00

191st   Chris Stock            47:10

232nd   Daniel Pringle       50:15

1km Swim (158 entries)

11th      Vicki Watson              14:20

135th    Adele Smith               24:35

142nd   Sandie Bredemeyer     25:45