2012 Ryde Carnival

Our Carnival = WON/ONE point!!!

2012 Ryde Carnival

September 01, 2012 at 7:34 PM

Wow! you all did so well. Results up on the web and we are now in the BPS ongoing score running Second to Warringah and ahead of Manly by ONE POINT!! So please lots of entries to the next Carnival which is at Warringah and let's keep ahead.

It was a terrific carnival. Everyone turned up and helped and brought food and timekept and sold and bought raffle tickets and gave out entry tickets and barbecued and directed heats to the right place and data entried and swam and earned lots of points. And we had some swimmers at their very first Carnival ever - not just first Masters Carnival. Hope you enjoyed it enough to come to others.

It was particularly good to have with us some past members on a visit (Jane and Peter M that I saw) and some members who don't train with us (inconvenient times etc.) but still come and support us in competitions. And Dave Bushell our tireless Chief Timekeeper good to see you again.

In age groups we had: 1 for Catherine Ager, Yolanda, Julia R, Jamie and Chris Lock; 2 for Catherine Tod, Natalie, Kathy, Helen, Jason and Michael; 3 for Wendje M, Ailsa, Christine Stock and John Murray; 4 for Susan, Wendy S, Julie M and Bruce, 5 for Diana, Chris S, and Andrew ,; 6 for Adele, Andre, Greg and David B.; and more points were won by Sandie B, Shirley, Yvette, Sally, Lesa, David G, Khyiah and Ken.

Relay results spectacular: we fielded 8 relays and had 6 first places for our Men's 160+ (very close and exciting), Women's 200+, Women's 160+ , Women's 120+ also close and hard fought; and our Mixed oldies 280+ won theirs as did Mixed 200+ by a mere 6 seconds. 16 useful points from the Mixed 160+ which was close and 14 terrific points from our second Mixed 200+ with Khyah doing a stylish solo lap on her first ever Carnival and no DQs!!! well done relay swimmers. Participation Is All!

We had some of our regular Volunteers and the usual expert officials running efficiently. And thanks Nathan for being Meet Director.

I'm not really competitive but I do like winning.....!
Many thanks, and ain't we terrific!

article: Jamie

pictures: under construction...as there are 1031 photos taken and photographer isn't allowed to put up more than 1/10 of them on the website.