2012 Nelson Bay Boot Camp - June Long Weekend

Nelson Bay - 6 grueling sessions - Train insane or remain the same

2012 Nelson Bay Boot Camp - June Long Weekend

June 10, 2012 at 4:56 PM

On the Queen's Birthday long weekend nine RAMS descended on Nelson Bay for six grueling swim sessions and strict instructions to ''Train insane or remain the same!''.

And that's exactly what happened. All swimmers pushed their limits and clocked up serious kilometres well above normal training levels. One swimmer swam one armed due to a shoulder injury. Another decided the open water looked nice and enjoyed the Shoal Bay marine life while cleverly dodging the lines of keen fishermen. Some training sessions were warm and sunny. Others cold and rainy. Everyone went home exhausted and proud of their achievements.

It wasn't all hard work though. Swimmers replenished their energy on Saturday night with a dinner night cruise. Great food. Great music. Great company and one very interesting song request. He he...what happens in Nelson Bay stays in Nelson Bay!!!

Sunday night was a more relaxed and informal BBQ at the appartments put on by Lesa and her team of dedicated helpers. We all enjoyed the world longest baked potatoes after Wendje's iPhone technology failed to turn off the oven. The RAMS with more life experience shared embarrassing stories of their children. And the RAMS without children were committed to remain childless for a long time...

The 2012 insane trainers were Yvette, Susan, Bradley, Mike A, Lesa, Wendje, Bart, Yolanda and Daniel.

Stay tuned for the 2013 long weekend camp where the theme will be: ''Harden up, buttercup!''.

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article: Daniel

pictures: Wendje and Bart