2012 Masters Swimming NSW Relay Meet

Relay Carnival - 6th overall - Thanks Vicky and Greg!!!

2012 Masters Swimming NSW Relay Meet

July 22, 2012 at 10:16 PM

After and exhausting and exciting Relay Carnival with some excellent swims and terrific participation from everyone we have results! Click here for the results.

Overall we came 6th. The winners were Sandbern, followed by Warringah, North Sydney and Seaside Pirates. And Manly beat us with 380 points to our 376. It was very close indeed. And Tuggeranong was hard on our heels with 352 points. There were 18 clubs represented and 336 swimmers. Ryde can be very proud of our 100% turnout having committed to the Carnival; there were several clubs with missing teams due to a single person's absence.

And a Very Big Thank you to Vicky and Greg for organizing the teams which is a difficult and time-consuming task.