2012 Helen Celebrates 25 Years of Bridge to Bridge

A Great Achievement!

2012 Helen Celebrates 25 Years of Bridge to Bridge

February 09, 2012 at 8:46 AM

eB2B2012_001.jpgThis was a special swim for Helen as she celebrated her 25th swim of this classic B2B -- yes 25 years of doing this event!. Helen is a stoic stayer and a modest achiever, either winning or placing in the top 3 of her age group. 

The swim was originally held in the Nepean River between the highway bridge and the railway bridge - approximately 3kms.  It has been run each year except for one, when the water temperature was a chilly 13 deg!.  Some years it was 'smooth sailing' in the river, but in others, one had to fight through the thick water weed - virtually 'crawling' over it.

More recently, the swim has been held in the olympic regatta centre course - much easier to keep in a straight line (and not so much weed.) The water temperature is usually fine but a couple of years ago, it was definitely too warm for a long open water swim.

The B2B swim is enjoyed by several hundred swimmers of all ages and no doubt Helen will keep up the challenge (and enjoyment of swimming it) for many more years. Congratulations Helen!

By: Jenny Whiteley