2011 June Long Weekend Swimming Camp

John Berryman reports the highlights from the camp held on the Gold Coast during the June long weekend. The slow lane is a hazardous place....

2011 June Long Weekend Swimming Camp

June 19, 2011 at 12:29 PM

Fourteen swimmers from Ryde AUSSI Masters, with four non-swimming husbands and two small children, arrived in Southport, in dribs and drabs, on Friday 10 June for the annual June long-weekend training camp.

Contrary to the travel advertisements, Queensland was not sunny, but Vicki Watson’s disposition was, as always, both sunny and bright. James was the perfect co-trainer, full of wit and humour, as he threatened to push us beyond the point of exhaustion. He did not disappoint.

It seemed to this occasional swimmer that attempting to complete six arduous sessions between Friday evening and Monday morning would be a considerable challenge – in spite of Vicki’s sweet coaxing and James’ dire threats. However, most of us completed five or six of the sessions, each lasting between about 75 and 90 minutes.

There were no fatalities and only a couple of minor injuries. (Wendy Seale copped a black eye, courtesy of John’s wild butterfly stroke, while John managed to dislocate the smallest toe of his own left foot, attempting to put on fins while treading water in the deep end. The slow lane can be a hazardous place.)

Notable was the inspiration provided by watching Olympians train in an adjoining lane, the standout being current world champion and world record holder, Brenton Rickard.

James revealed another talent on Friday night, acting as quizmaster in the trivia quiz that accompanied our pizza night. Other evenings were given over to dining together in various groups in the variety of restaurants which Southport has to offer. (Some adventurous younger members – ie under 45 – also tackled Jupiter’s Casino. The casino won.)

It was a great way to spend a long weekend. Many thanks to Vicki and James for doing a fantastic job of organizing and conducting a splendid event.

Photos here.

(Reported by John Berryman, 19 June 2011)