2011 Recent Pointscore History of RAMS

Jamie digs about in the records in the state office...

2011 Recent Pointscore History of RAMS

December 05, 2011 at 9:10 AM

We are about to get our highest finish in the point score. Jamie looked back in some past editions of Splash magazine to put this finish in context. Our more recent finishes are listed below. Congratulations to all who particiapated in the carnivals this year so that we could achieve our highest finish. Special mention to Jamie, Helen and Yvette who are all in the State's top 20 most active swmmers and also to Susan who is currently just out of the top 20.

2003 - 5th

2004 - 8th

2005 - 7th

2006 - 9th

2007 - 9th

2008 - 7th

2009 - 6th

2010 - 9th

2011 - 3rd!!